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Rotary Indexing Table
Cam Indexing Drive :
Electromechanical Rotary Indexing Tables are compact series that automate the transfer of work piece between successive station.
Globoidal Cam Index Drives
The “Globoidal Cam Index Drives” are mechanical index tables which convert, continuous rotary input motion into intermittent, indexing output motion. 

The input shaft carries the Globoidal cam. This cam has a groove, which obeys the acceleration control “motion law”. The out put shaft carries the cam followers, which engage in the groove of the cam. 

The “motion laws” are designed to give a very smooth, jerk free indexing motion. Since the cam followers are pre-loaded against the cam, the backlash is practically zero. The index tables have large number of applications. They can be used in almost any automatic machine, which involves transfer of components on “rotary dial plate” or “linear indexing conveyor”. 
The typical examples of these machines are packaging machines, labeling machines, bottle filling machines, printing machines, sorting machines, assembly machines, welding machines, etc. 

The index tables are available in various combinations of “Dwell Angle” and “Index Angle” to cater to different applications. There are various models (sizes) of index tables with different load carrying capacities.
Models Centre distance between input shaft & Output shaft
GCID 80 80 mm
GCID 120 120 mm
GCID 160 160 mm
GCID 200 200 mm
GCID 250 250 mm
Orbital Cam Index Drives have the following salient features
Fast, smooth and jerk free indexing motion.
Very high indexing accuracy.
Indexing speeds can be as high as 800 indexes / min.
No backlash.
Can be used in either direction of rotation.
Maintenance free and designed for very long operational life.
Main Applications of our Rotary indexing Tables
Automatic assembly machine
Welding machine
Pharmaceutical machine
Screen and Pad Printers
Processing machine for light metal-cutting
Trimming machine
Packaging machine
Bottling machine
Application :
Bottle Filling & Pharmaceutical
SPM Manufacturers
Induction Hardening
Assembly Automation / Induction Hardening.
Paper Cap Manufacturing Machine
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Polishing Machine.
Riveting Machine.
Packaging Machine
Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer.
Chains Mfg.
Stator insulation machineries
Induction Hardening
Welding Machines - SPM
Printing Machines
ATC Manufacturing
Washing / Cleaning Machines
Drilling Machines
Cap Fitting Machine
Tube filling machines
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