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Clinching Machine
BTM offer you sheet metal machine, sheet metal clinching, metal clinching likes Tog-L-Loc, the sheet metal clinching technology that is simple, economical and an efficient solution to your metal joining needs.
This patented clinching system is: -
Consistent - Non-destructive testing & repeatable joints
Economic - Long tool life 300,000 joints common
Versatile - Dissimilar metals can be joined
Simple - Simple Punch & Die arrangement
BTM’s Lance-N-Loc® Joining System produces clean, strong and consistent joints in most coated or uncoated metals. The joints are characterized by a “button” formed on the die side layer of metal and a recess formed in the punch side layer. The button is a good indicator of joint quality and therefore, simplifies quality control. Two or more layers of metal typically ranging in thickness from .008" (0.2mm) to .157" (4.0mm) per sheet can be reliably joined in most cases.
Die Side
Cross Section
Punch Side
Auto Clinch Machine or AUTOMOTIVE TOG-L-LOC :
From fuel tank straps, to bonnets & boots, Auto Clinch Machine or Automotive Tog-L-Loc has been used on a number of automotive components over the years. The automotive Tog-L-Loc is manufactured sheltering high quality raw material. Reliability and durability of our auto clinch machine is amazingly fabricated.
White Goods Components
We engaged into providing clinching of white goods components for various equipments. Quality is the utmost priority which is given importance in clinching. You can use pre-painted / pre-coated material for clinching. Our variety of clinching white goods components includes Washer / Drier Shells, Refrigerator Shell, Dishwasher Framing, Dishwasher Framing, Microwave Housing, Drier Component and Rubbish Disposal Component.
Working with galvanized parts Tog-L-Loc is an effective solution when joining galvanized parts because it produces no fumes or gases, nor does it burn the coating off of the material.

HVAC refers to heating, ventilating and air conditioning signifies technology of indoor or automotive environmental comfort. This one is important in the design of medium to large industries, office buildings etc. It enables fresh air from outside. We can supply clinching solutions to manufacturer of furnace cabinet, galvanized round duct, vent and round duct.
We are engaged into making clinching machines for variety of components. Our range of clinches include Steel Truss, Ceiling Lighting, Garage Door and electrical box. We offer competitive rates for the clinching m/cs. Tog-L-Loc is gaining popularity in the building supply industry due to its consistent, leak-proof joints which are also strong and vibration resistant.
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