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Spin Riveting Machine
Orbital bench spin riveting machine is precision engineered to ensure that they will perform with unfailing speed, accuracy & consistent repeatability. Quiet electric motors drive the silent orbital movement of the tool holder. The same machine, using suitable tools can flare, flange, join & swage. Pressure for head forming is generated by either pneumatic or hydraulic power & is fully adjustable. Stepless adjustment of riveting force, time, stroke & speed allows the machine to perform on a wide variety of applications.
Applications :
The spin riveting machine can be used for a range of jobs from freely swiveling joints to clamped, torque resisting joints.
Bakelite-metal assembly
Bicycle parts
Chain assembly
Clutch /brake liners
Electronics/Electrical parts
Business machine
Hand tools
Automobile / Auto electricals
Switch gear
Surgical instruments
Various Types of Riveting Machines
Technical Specifications :
Models Riveting capacity
(M.S. 38 Kg/mm² U.T.S)
Throat depth
Shut height (Max)
Stroke Adjustable (mm) Cycle time Adjustable
Over all
Motor 3 Ø 415 V Air Pressure
Model - 003 3 110 200 0-30 0-9.9 Sec. 470x400x860 0.25 HP (0.18 Kw) 3-7 Kg/cm²
Model -005 6 110 180 0-30 0-9.9 Sec. 470x400x860 0.5 HP (0.37 Kw) 3-7 Kg / cm²
Model -008 8 140 225 0-45 0-9.9 Sec. 570x525x1100 1 HP (0.75 Kw) 3-7 Kg/cm²
Model -012 12 200 280 0-45 0-9.9 Sec. 625x585x1325 1.5 HP(1.2 Kw) 3-7 Kg/cm²
Model -016-H 16 225 220 0-45 0-9.9 Sec. 540x615x1375 6.0 HP (4.5 Kw) Including Power Pack 0-80 Kg/cm² (Hydraulic Pressure)
Download Riveting Machine Application
Application in Automobile Industry:
Tie Rod Ball Joint Assly. Clutch Plate Assly. Horn Thermostat Housing Assly. Power Windows Gas Connector
Application in Electrical Industry:
Electrical Contact Capacitor Cap Switch Gear Part Body of Harting Connector Capacitor Cap
Application in Other Industry:
Bicycle Industry
Chain Sprocket
Power Generator Industry
Cam Shaft
Hand Tool Industry
Crimping Tool
Domestic Appliance Industry
Motor Assly. of Washing Machine
Gem / Jewellry Industry
Buffing / Polishing Brush
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